Castle Wood Products not only recycles organic material, but we have available for resale a variety of landscape products. I guess you can say we're a one stop shop. Clean up your yard and take home some stuff to beautify it.
Our products are as listed. The prices you see here are the current prices for the year of 2003 and priced per cubic yard.
Delivery is available - ask for delivery fee at time of order. Delivery orders are scheduled and sent out of our main office at 368-0242. Thank you.

Topsoil    $9.75
Blended Topsoil  $15.20
Potting Mix  $22.50
Compost  $18.00
Soil Aid (composted bark material) $14.50
Chocolate Mulch  $16.50
Yellow Sand  $10.00
Red Lava Fines  $16.00
Red Lava Pebbles (3/8"-3/4")  $35.00
River Rock (3"-8")  $18.00  please call for availability 368-0242
Sawdust/Shavings  $7.85
Bark - Small (3/4"-2")  $29.00
Bark - Medium  $29.00
Bark - 3/8" Fresh Decorative  $22.50
Bark - Shredded  $25.00
White Sand (special order only)  $37.00
Gypsum  $14.00 per cubic yard
Child's Play (play ground cover material)  $26.25

To figure the appriximate cubic yards you will need use this formula Length X Width X Depth then divide that figure by 27 to get your cubic yards.
For depth use these decimal equivalants.
1" = .08               These figures make it so much easier to figure.
2" = .17               For quick reference
3" = .25              
2" deep will cover 162 sq ft (or roughly 13'x13' or 27'x6' or 41x4')
4" = .33              
3" deep will cover 108 sq ft (roughly 11'x10' or 18'x6' or 27x4')                   5" = .42               4" deep will cover 81 sq ft (roughly 9'x9' or 13'x6' or 20'x4')
6" = .50
7" = .58                  Pictures of these products can be seen on our
8" = .67                  Yet the pictures do not do it great justice so please feel free to drop by
9" = .75                  by the yard to see them in person. 
10" = .83                
11" = .92               
12" = 1.0

                                Animal Bedding
Our animal bedding, for use with cattle, horses or other large animals, is $5.00 per cubic yard or available per ton at $25.00 per ton. We can regrind for larger orders.

We sell gypsum by the TON for farmers or others who need large amounts. $25.00 per ton. picked up.For Delivery please call 368-0242.
                    For Gypsum cubic yard price see list above.
Gypsum is great for breaking up soil for drainage, alkaline soil is a good place for gypsum. Gypsum is also good for odor controll (odoriferous emanation elimination ).


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